A Course in Killer Draughts

Killer Draughts is an exciting new addition to the existing range of draughts games. For everyone who wants to know more about the Killer-rule and its implications Tjalling Goedemoed has written an excellent introductory course that can be freely downloaded. Tjalling Goedemoed is an experienced trainer in draughts. He has worked with many successful young players who played in World and European championships. Goedemoed composed five courses in draughts available on cd-rom. This training application that contains thousands of exercises is called DamMentor.

In “A Course in KillerDraughts” Tjalling first reviews why there are so many draws in the international draughts game. He then introduces the new Killer-rule. The new rule is very simple but the implications are enormous as is illustrated in the remainder of the course.

The rules:
- Everybody has the right to freely download the book, print the result and use for own purposes.
- Everybody has the right to translate the book to their native language and publish without any fee for the author Tjalling Goedemoed or the Killer Draughts Association.

The course can be downloaded for free from here.