Welcome to KillerDraughts

Draughts is a beautiful mind sport that can be enjoyed by players during their entire lives. Fortunately you donĀ“t need much to play draughts. A board and forty pieces are enough and therefore draughts is played all over the world in various local variations.

Even though the number of people enjoying the game is increasing in various parts of cialis sans ordonnance the world, there are also parts of the world where the interest in draughts is dwindling. This is a pity and we want to do something but it!

Many ideas have been proposed to increase the interest in draughts. From all these ideas and initiatives we have chosen three important elements to try to make the game more attractive and to give more people the opportunity to discover draughts and to enjoy it.

The most important idea that we are eager to promote is a simple change to the rules of the game that ensures that the number of draws is significantly reduced, especially among skilled players. This additional rule is called the Killer-rule and we call the new game using the rule Killer Draughts.

The second idea that we want to use to the full are the many possibilities that the Internet offers. The Internet provided the opportunity to promote draughts in a modern and attractive manner and to reach as many people as possible.

Draughts is a mind sport with a relatively small group of professional players. However, the professional draughts sport does have a substantial influence on how people perceive the game. The professional draughts sport is responsible for the majority of media attention and also determines to a large degree whether draughts is seen as a fun game or as a challenging mind sport. Of course there is nothing wrong with draughts as a game that is fun to play. However, we believe that draughts as a challenging mind sport is still very important even if only to promote draughts as a fun game. Therefore, we would like to organize attractive tournaments for professional players using everything the Killer-rule and the Internet have to offer.


KillerDraughts Association